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維特健靈 Vita Green 維新烏絲素 Vita Hair 五色靈芝 Lingzhi 純野生盈活雲芝 Yunzhi 寧心 Vita Calm 甙醣仁參 Glucobest 玉燕窩 Bird Nest 醫之選 Doctor's Choice 盈養草 Vita CM OS21 寬欣 Vita Joy 泉癒方 Forticur 滋寶奇珍 Herba Precious 知音蟲草 Yin Yang 小兒靈芝蜜 Lingzhi Honey 靈芝孢子 Lingzhi Spores

Vita Green Health Products

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Aloe Vera

HK$115.00 HK$128.00
(Member Price: HK$113.00)

Aloe Vera contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients that help keep the digestive tract healthy as well as treat skin problems such as minor wounds and burns. It is also a natural lubricant, keeping bowel movements more regular.
Bird's Nest Fortified

HK$399.00 HK$580.00
(Member Price: HK$399.00)

Contains Bird's Nests to restore elasticity and density to your skin, remove harmful toxins and improve skin's texture. Added natural ingredients decrease the appetite and inhibit fat deposition to help keep you slim.
Multiherb for Constipation

(Member Price: HK$141.00)

Eases digestion, nourishes the bowel, speeds up peristalsis and increases activity within the large intestine to relieve conditions such as constipation.
Multiherb For Detox

HK$158.00 HK$198.00
(Member Price: HK$158.00)

The special blend of herbs helps to remove toxins from the body, soothing symptoms such as bloated stomach, indigestion and skin heat conditions.
Multiherb for Fresh Breath

(Member Price: HK$93.00)

Out of stock
This multiherb helps to relieve internal heat and dispel toxins and dampness from the body, removing the causes of bad breath.
Multiherb for Stomach (Indigestion)

(Member Price: HK$188.00)

Out of stock
This multiherb helps to regulate the digestive system, promoting gastrointestinal health. Indigestion is eased by increasing the secretion of digestive fluid, thus soothing symptoms such as stomach pain and bloating.
6 Item(s)