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維特健靈 Vita Green 維新烏絲素 Vita Hair 五色靈芝 Lingzhi 純野生盈活雲芝 Yunzhi 寧心 Vita Calm 甙醣仁參 Glucobest 玉燕窩 Bird Nest 醫之選 Doctor's Choice 盈養草 Vita CM OS21 寬欣 Vita Joy 泉癒方 Forticur 滋寶奇珍 Herba Precious 知音蟲草 Yin Yang 小兒靈芝蜜 Lingzhi Honey 靈芝孢子 Lingzhi Spores

Vita Green Health Products

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Chewable MVM for Children

(Member Price: HK$88.00)

This multi-vitamin and mineral supplement has been specially formulated with the needs of growing children in mind to provide the right balance of vitamins and minerals for a healthy mind and body.

Chewable Vitamin C for Children

(Member Price: HK$79.00)

A convenient and reassuring way to ensure your child gets their daily dose of vitamin C for good heath and a strong immune system. It is a good idea to take extra vitamin C during cold and flu season as it enhances respiratory functions and strengthens connective tissue.
Chewable Vitamin C-Cal for Children

(Member Price: HK$80.00)

Chewable, cherry flavoured calcium with vitamin C tablets for children to provide the building blocks for strong, healthy bones and teeth.
Lingzhi Honey

(Member Price: HK$149.00)
(Extra Shipping Fee HK$50 Included)

Five types of natural, wild Lingzhi combined with forest honey to strengthen the immune system, improve appetite and boost brain development and memory in growing children. Regular consumption from early childhood shows children seem to be smarter and more active.
Skin Treatment for Pimples

(Member Price: HK$158.00)

Triple action formulation to fight bacteria, calm inflammation and reduce sebum production for a clean, clear complexion.
Vita Brains

HK$88.00 HK$98.00
(Member Price: HK$86.00)

An extra boost of B vitamins to improve mental health and energy levels, ensuring your nervous system receives the right nutrients it needs.
Multiherb for Brain

(Member Price: HK$188.00)

Out of stock
This multiherb has been formulated to help relieve symptoms of stress and improve the quality of sleep, helping the brain to get the rest it needs to function at its best.
Multiherb for Facial Spots

HK$78.00 HK$98.00
(Member Price: HK$78.00)

Out of stock
The herbal blend helps to clear the skin and expel heat toxins. Further outbreaks of facial spots on the face and body are prevented.
Multiherb for Memory

(Member Price: HK$188.00)

Out of stock
Contains Ginkgo and Ginseng to increase concentration powers and make the mind more agile by boosting blood flow to the brain. Ideal for people with mentally demanding lifestyles and useful to counter age-related memory loss.
9 Item(s)