Social Responsibility Vita Green aims to promote a caring, sharing community and is proud to play an active part in local life. We have donated funds to help the important work of the Hong Kong Medical Museum, sponsored World Heart Day and regularly take part in scientific research carried out at a range of universities.
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Vita Green strongly promotes environmentally friendly practices in its facilities. Our production line long ago banned the use of PVC materials, which are toxic and cannot be recycled. Instead we use packaging materials that meet strict environmental protection requirements. Supplements sold in capsule form are even available in vegetable-based capsules produced from plant tissues to replace those made from animal sources.

Community Service

Since 2012, Vita Green Charitable Foundation has organized the annual "Vita Green Cycling for Health Marathon Challenge", a road cycling race in Hong Kong Island. The race aims at promoting cycling as a trendy as well as an effective fitness sport. With this initiative, we would like to contribute to the physical and mental health of Hong Kong citizens and reinforce their awareness towards a green environment. The cumulative number of participants in 2012, 2013 and 2014 has reached nearly 3,000 with a record-high number of participants among road cycling races in Hong Kong. In order to help more people in need, part of the proceeds is donated to The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association and Vita Green Charitable Foundation.
Vita Green’s mission is to bring health, joy and youth to the public. For more than ten years, Vita Green has regularly organised joint symposiums with the Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Doctors Association and the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff. We have invited specialists from a range of disciplines to share their expert knowledge of the most cutting-edge medical advancements with health-care professionals, as well as organised public talks by top doctors on a range of common health problems. These free, public seminars are open to all and give people a unique chance to talk to the best health professionals about medical problems that directly affect their lives.