Guarantees Say No To Non-GMP Certified Products!
Safety Comes First When Choosing Health Products

reputable and quality-oriented manufacturer

Healthcare products are often advertised in an exaggerative manner and even added with unauthorized Western medicines by some manufactures, which creates chaos in the market. We take health products for the sake of our health; therefore we should carefully select a reputable and quality-oriented manufacturer so that we can guarantee the best for ourselves and our beloved ones. Citizens can feel assured as long as they choose a GMP-certified pharmaceutical company instead of taking non-certified drugs of inferior brands.


Pharmacists warn citizens against the great risk of taking proprietary Chinese medicines of inferior brands. On the contrary, a certification issued by the Government features independent monitoring and reliable product quality. The Department of Health has always a set of high standards, i.e., GMP or "Good Manufacturing Practice" to regulate the manufacturing process of Chinese and Western medicines. As a matter of fact, very few pharmaceutical manufacturing proprietary Chinese medicines factories in the territory are GMP-certified at the moment. GMP is the reliable way to minimize the possibility of product errors, mix-up and all kinds of pollution during the medicine manufacturing process.
A GMP-certified pharmaceutical factory shall be subject to rigorous review each year
The Hong Kong GMP is a scientific and systematic management system issued by the Department of Health, playing a positive role in ensuring the quality of medicines. Vita Green's pharmaceutical factory is one of the few Hong Kong GMP-certified factories with one-stop production healthcare Chinese medicines. Representative from Vita Green says, "Since it got GMP-certified by the Hong Kong Government in 1998, Vita Green has aligned itself with international GMP criteria in terms of the requirements, guarantee and management of quality. Now the company has been internationally GMP-certified for its manufacturing qualification for more than 10 years, indicating its leadership within the industry." Vita Green's pharmaceutical factory also has its own laboratories with stringent quality control to ensure product quality and safety.

The GMP certification is subject to annual review to maintain its highly stringent standards. Therefore, consumers can always feel assured as long as they purchase health products with the GMP.

Highest Quality with Excellent ingredients

Vita Green's pharmaceutical factory is managed by medical professionals and monitored by professional pharmacists, together with a number of doctorate and master degree holders doing research and testing jobs under their supervision. Accordingly, each detail of the whole manufacturing process is strictly monitored from ingredient procurement to product packaging. The director says, "Animal toxicity tests and human clinical trials are routinely carried out to ascertain the efficacy and safety of our supplements. After their launch, we continue to monitor the products and conduct scientific research into their effects to improve our formulations and enhance product quality. From research and development to the manufacturing process, utmost attention is paid to details. We adhere to stringent sanitation testing and excellent ingredients in our factories so that we can be assured to market our supplements to consumers. "