Famous film and TV actress  - Myolie Wu

Nancy Wu
Myolie Wu
As a mother of three and an esteemed actress, Myolie Wu is the perfect example of a successful ‘celebrity mother’ that flawlessly balances her career with family. However, like many of us, Myolie suffered from nasal allergy related symptoms caused by allergens surrounding our daily lives. Frustrated by endless runny noses and sneezing, she made it her mission to strengthen the nasal and respiratory health of herself and her family.   Luckily, she discovered Vita Green’s Extra Strength Vita Yin Yang. This product significantly improved her family’s lung and nasal health so that she no longer needs to worry about the symptoms caused by allergens anymore.
Nancy Wu
Why did Myolie choose Vita Green’s ‘Extra Strength Vita Yin Yang’?
Vita Green’s Vita Yin Yang is unlike any other cordyceps products out in the market. Developed with a formula that combines two different Cordyceps species, each capsule contains an equivalent of 20 cordyceps to effectively relieve symptoms of nasal allergies and congestions. This product is also manufactured in a PIC/S GMP certified factory in Hong Kong so my family and I can take Vita Yin Yang without any doubts about safety and quality. Suitable for children of 3 years and older, I can strengthen my sons’ lung and respiratory health and prevent them from being affected by allergens from an early age.
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