Two-time Best Tv Actress - Nancy Wu

Nancy Wu
Nancy Wu
Two-time Best TV Actress Nancy Wu was awarded the Best Female Actress award at the TV Awards Presentation in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, she was awarded the My Favorite TVB Female Actress award at TVB Star Awards Malaysia and StarHub TVB Awards. She was the first post 1980s Best Female Actress, and the first one to get such an award in two consecutive years. Furthermore, she also won the “Grand Slam” of TVB awards. She was first awarded Most Improved Female Artiste in 2008, then Best Supporting Actress in 2012, and after that Best Female Actress in 2015. There is no doubt about her ability and popularity as an actress.

Nancy Wu is well-known for being hard-working, she has even earned the nickname of “female ironman”. We did not take her just for her beauty, she is professional and has her own character. Her image is healthy and positive. Recently, she has fallen in love with jogging, dancing and working out in the gym. With all her dedication and effort, she now has vest line and abdomen muscles that everyone wishes for. She even created a trend of going to the gym that many girls follow.

It was not difficult to feel Nancy’s dedication to acting and her passion for work even in our first encounter with her. She is a cheerful, active, frank and adorable girl. We had two health products commercial shootings with Nancy and the vibe of natural beauty was apparent in her every single move. She definitely possesses the energy so representative of our brand.
Nancy Wu
Being the spokesperson for health products for the very first time, why did you choose to represent Vita Green Lingzhi?
I am aware that Vita Green Lingzhi is a brand with a good reputation. A lot of my friends and colleagues have recommended their products to me before, so I am very confident in the product. I take a capsule of Vita Green Lingzhi before shooting, and I feel energetic enough to do my best in any role.

Women age very easily. In order to keep myself young and full of power, I keep myself active even if I am busy and tired. With the help of 1-2 capsules of Vita Green Lingzhi daily, the effect resembles doing aerobic exercise. It also helps repair my internal organs and my circulatory system. It strengthens my immune system and removes harmful substances from my body. I can stay energetic and keep my radiance even when I am very busy. The look of good health comes from the inside, no cosmetic or skincare product can create the same result.
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