Famous film and TV actress - Mandy Wong

Mandy Wong
Mandy Wong
In 2012, Mandy Wong won the Most Improved Female Artiste award in the TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony for her superb performance in multiple drama series. In 2018, she won the Best Actress Award TVB Star Award Malaysia, gained audience’s praises and her acting skills were highly recognized. Since her debut, she has performed in more than 40 TV series, from performing supporting role to now becoming the leading actress in some A-listed dramas. In addition to her excellent acting skills, Mandy is talented in dancing, as she has an active side despite her graceful appearance.
Mandy Wong
The first female spokesperson of Vita Hair
Vita Hair has been launched for more than 25 years, and its spokesperson has always been male. Tradition is meant to be broken, and Mandy has been chosen as the first female spokesperson for the product, because hair loss and grey hair issues are not just encountered by men. Hair is an important part of appearance and having plump and healthy hair can be a source of self-confidence.
Why did Mandy choose Vita Hair?
“As a female artist, when performing different roles, I will rack my brain on styling my hair, in order to match the image of the character and bring the audience a sense of freshness. I often use different hair styling products on, as well as perming and dying my hair. Thus, I am worried that those products would harm my hair, causing hair loss etc., so I put extra care to the health of my hair. At first, it was Nancy Wu who introduced me to Vita Hair, as she is also one of the spokespersons of Vita Green. When she knew that I wanted to improve my hair quality so that it can be more elegant when dancing, she recommended me to try Vita Hair. After taking Vita Hair for 3 months, I have noticed that my hair loss issue has improved significantly, and my hair has become stronger. Even my hair stylist noticed that my hair is more volumizing than before. Moreover, Vita Hair is a health product which regulates the body’s inner health, after taking it, I feel that I become healthier as a whole, not just my hair!
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