Hong Kong Actress: Samantha Ko

Samantha Ko
Renowned film star Samantha Ko began her acting career after competing in the 2008 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Best known for her roles in “Friendly Fire”, “Line Walker”, and “Al Cappuccino”, Samantha has garnered significant attention for her outstanding acting skills. In 2020, her performance in the Chinese drama “Nothing but Thirty” was highly acclaimed and was loved by audiences all over Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. On-screen, Samantha appears to be confident, elegant and in shape. But in reality, due to immense stress, appearing in countless food shows and being naturally prone to weight gain and water retention, she had once gained 25 pounds in a matter of months. In order to lose weight, Samantha admittedly tried weight loss pills and extreme dieting, but it resulted in significant side effects and a quick rebound in weight. After experiencing such unpleasant consequences, Samantha became determined to find a safe and effective weight loss supplement that she can consume in parallel with exercise. She eventually discovered Naturo Vita’s Ultra-Burn – an all-natural supplement that helped regain her fit and healthy physique once again.
Samantha Ko: Why Do I Choose Naturo Vita’s Ultra-Burn?
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